Frequently asked Questions

No you don’t need to paint or anti-foul the bottom of the DockyDock. The function of DockyDock is to work as a shield to protect your boat.  Some growth will happen on the bottom of the DockyDock. This is perfectly normal and shows that the DockyDock is doing its job. 

Yes barnacles will grow on the bottom of the DockyDock in time. Cleaning is optional as the growth will not effect the performance of your dockydock. 

No the DockyDock is not treated with any type of toxic chemicals. It is a green product and it will pose no harm to the sea environment.

You don’t need to pump the water out at all. However, pumping the water out has benefits to the boat anodes as they will last longer. Rain water may collect as well but this is fresh water so will not harm the boat at all.    

No the barnacles or other sea life will grow inside the DockyDock as long as the Gate is closed.  Even after long term storage, there will be no growth. The water inside simply can not sustain marine life. 

As long as the air conditioning outlet flows back inside the DockyDock, you can use the air conditioning as you normally would. 

The DockyDock can last more than 20 years. It is stationary with no electrical or mechanical components or movement, so other than accidents, such as cuts with a sharp object which can be repaired easily, the product will be trouble free.

Although not required , You can clean the DockyDock with a power washer

The physical assembly and disassembly will take 60 minutes depending on the size of the DockyDock.  Launching and tying to dock/slip time will vary

We ship the DockyDock with UPS and Fedex couriers in large parcels. The DockyDock is a heavy duty product designed to handle the harsh marine environment.  The average DockyDock weight is 350 lbs. All DockyDocks are custom made to fit your boat and shipped from the factory in Manchester, UK

You need to assemble the DockyDock at the boatyard near the slipway, or anywhere near your mooring space, and then launch or tow it to your mooring space.

The DockyDock will be tied to your slip, dock, pilings, or seawall.  No permits are needed. If you have an HOA, we can certainly help explain the DockyDock as an underwater cover no different than a top cover.  IT IS NOT A LIFT OR A FLOATING DOCK. The boat always stays floating using its own buoyancy. 

Yes, the DockyDock will be tied up the anchor at the swing mooring.

Yes the DockyDock can be installed in any type of mooring, but we need to know the type of mooring and we will add adapters on the DockyDock to cater for the mooring style.

We have standardized the color to grey. 

The DockyDock is inflatable with 3 chambers.  The upgraded DockyDock Foam/Tube version is a combination of Foam and Inner tube design. 

The DockyDock back gate remain lowered until you lift it up and close it.