Marine Anti-Foul System

DockyDock is a revolutionary way to protect your boat from barnacles and marine growth.  Simple to use, no mechanical parts to fail, strong and effective.

Save on Maintenence

No need to ever bottom paint your boat again. The DockyDock will protect your boat from all marine growth. DockyDock pays for itself over time.

Made to Measure

All DockyDock boat covers are made to measure to guarantee safe and easy fit for your boat and your budget


Quality workmanship made to last. We want you to be happy and spend more time on the water not cleaning, scraping, or painting.

The DockyDock Advantage

-No more bottom painting
-No more sanding or scraping
-Save your hull and drives
-Save money in maintenance
-Dock safely and easily
-Extra buoyancy during storms
-Will not block your view
-Cost effective solution to a lift
-No permits required
-Can be moved from dock to dock
-Strong and long lasting
-No strain on bulkheads and/or pilings

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